Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sweet Chick Saturday

HELLO SPRINGTIME! Man was I excited to wake up to sunshine and 50 degree weather this weekend! It was a welcomed treat after months of frozen tundra. I was up nice and early to head out to Brooklyn for the day. I had a morning meeting in Williamsburg, which turned into a late brunch with some friends. 

The warmer temp definitely got us excited for Spring fashion and it was nice to finally be able to shed a few layers. We won't talk about the fact that it is freezing again already...ssshhhhh.

I loved seeing the mounds of snow melting away, providing a bit more walking room down the sidewalk. 

The sun was OUT! Sunglasses were ON!

Natty decided to go big or go home with her outfit choice. She looked incredible in this skirt & cropped top number from Keds. She paired it here with a blazer and Converse. Later in the day she switched to a over sized knit ivory sweater. 

Her bag is Danielle Nicole from the Piperlime store and it's a seriously perfect city tote!

No photos of the celebrities please.

There is something so magnetic and incredible about getting amazing, world changing woman into one room. So much passion, inspiration, joy and beauty!

After the little get together, we decided to go to brunch at Sweet Chick on Bedford Ave & N 8th St. The wait was a good bit, so we went to the coffee spot next door to wait. When we sat down, this beautiful crew of older woman were gossiping and sipping coffee at the table next to us. I couldn't help but ask to take their picture. They did not speak English (and a couple were camera shy), but this red headed fox smiled proudly for the camera.

Eventually we moved outside to enjoy the sunshine before going into eat.

Top: H&M / Pants: H&M / Faux Leather Jacket: Zara / Shearling Collared Sweater: Loft / Accessories: H&M

Now, onto the food. Sweet Chick has some of the most incredible southern comfort cuisine. I have only ever eaten here for brunch, but I hear the dinner is exceptional too. They are really big on the chicken & waffles. 

I got the Eggs Benny, the Sweet Chick Way. The kicker is they do it over a biscuit and add shredded smoked chicken! I'm also not a fan of hollandaise sauce, but theirs is melt in your mouth good. I got it on the side because I like to control my portions, but it usually comes smothered on top. 

This is the Smoked Pork Hash with a poached egg, cured pork & a Carolina style rub. 

And here are the infamous Chicken 'N Waffles. They are served with syrup, 3 types of butter, and hot sauce on request. 

Bellies extremely full, we took a walk over to the popular Artists & Fleas, a design and vintage market. It's a great place to roam around for locals when they are bored; it is an awesome place for tourists to visit if they want to feel like real New Yorkers. 

Walking to the subway, heading back to Manhattan (the Motherland), we stumbled upon this patriotic backdrop. Miss Ashley took over the camera and snapped a few excellent shots. 

God Bless America, Springtime & Brooklyn.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Qui Qui Maison Laduree

As soon as I saw that Laduree was opening a full restaurant in Soho, I knew I had to go! I first visited Laduree in Paris during December of 2006. This is when I fell in love with macaroons and all things French. I have yet to eat a macaroon better than Laduree's (and I have tried a lot of French Macaroons in my life). Currently, NYC is the only city in the USA with Laduree Houses (Miami is opening soon). There is a macaroon boutique on the UES and this new location in Soho, which is both a boutique and a full restaurant. 

My friends and I put on our best "french fashion" and set out for a relaxing, girlie and delicious lunch at Laduree. 

The colors are just so beautiful! Every hue of pastel as well as vibrant jewel tones. 

Excuse me! Do you see this leopard carpet and the dark blue velvet tasseled chairs?! Hannah and I rationalized how leopard carpet is totally acceptable for a room in a home and how we will work it into our future living space. 

Even the tea cups were colorful and cheery.

Bonjour mon ami! 

Mer & I both chose the Club Champs Elysees. It is a vegetable heavy sandwich with a side of pommes frites and salad. 

Han and Nat both got the Omelet Laduree. 

They also have a proper tea with sandwiches, macaroons,  and other treats, which I would totally suggest because it looked delicious, just make sure you save up because it is around $50 per person.

Coffee just tastes better when it is served in elegant little pots like these.

And now for the macaroons....

I don't mess around when it comes to Macaroons. I chose the pick 4 - raspberry, chocolate, pistachio, salted caramel. 

Nat & Hannah took more of a risk and got what we were calling the "grab bag" of macaroons with a scoop of sorbet or ice cream. It was a "grab bag" because you were not allowed to choose the flavor of your macaroons. I'm not much of a risk taker when it comes to dessert, but their risk paid off.

Needless to say, we were in great moods after this meal.

Don't worry, the menu boasts a variety of scrumptious looking pastries and dessert options for those who don't like macaroons...but I'm pretty sure that's a sin.

Overall, it was a lovely brunch experience. Even though people were lined up to eat and buy macaroons, we never once felt rushed to finish and get out. They didn't hurry our food and it truly was a long luxurious Parisian style meal. I would suggest making a reservation if you are going to go eat; it is not worth fighting the crowds of tourists. 

Bon Appetit!