Monday, August 24, 2015

Frans in France Day Trips - Versailles & Trouville/Deauville

Though we spent most of our time in Paris, a few days were devoted to getting out of the city to enjoy a slower pace of life. The first trip was to the famous Palace of Versailles or Chateau de Versailles. Just 40 minutes from Paris, we gathered the ladies and hopped in an UberVan to the palace. Totally worth it over the train! 

The line to get into the Palace was MASSIVE. Since it was a beautiful day we opted to forgo the 2 hour wait and explore the vast gardens. Fully in bloom, they buzzed with energy and lush greenery. If you visit the palace out of tourist season, make sure you rent a golf cart to explore and feel truly like royalty. The wait wasn't worth our effort but it sure would have made for a great Snapchat (follow me @deeschwiring). 

Who can resist frolicking in a garden? Eventually we made it to Marie Antoinette's estate but were disappointed when her residency was under construction...

(Dress: Joe Fresh / Shoes & Bag: Zara / Sunglasses: Kate Spade)

The second trip we took was to the beach. When we booked the train, I was not entirely sure what to expect but it seriously exceeded my expectations. 

Just two hours by train from Paris, Trouville/Deauville are located in Normandy on the western coast of France. Two very different towns, Deauville reminded me of the Hamptons - high end shopping, pristine beaches, horse races and mimosa filled brunches. Trouville is a quaint fisherman's town with cobble stone streets, local artisans and a more relaxed vibe. We enjoyed our time so much we almost did not go back to Paris...

The beach in Deauville is straight out of an 1940's movie. Parisians flocked to Deauville for the weekend to escape the intense heat of the city.

Now over to Trouville...

For dinner, we decided to try our luck at the Fish Market. Classified as a historic monument, this space is jam packed with fishers selling their fresh fare. Oysters straight out of the ocean, the best I have had in my life. I could have stayed for hours indulging in all they had to offer. It was one of the most delicious and affordable dining experiences we had during our time in France.

Sadly, we had to eventually say au revoir to the sea as the sun set and we reluctantly returned to Paris. 

Bisous Bisous
Naturally Giner

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Le Chateaubriand...mon dieu!

The best way to see Paris is to walk. Their Metro system is efficient but in the summer it is hot and smelly. Uber is super easy but the costs add up. Walking is always the best option (especially if you don't want to do the touristy double decker buses). 

On our second and third day in Paris we met up with friends to explore some of the city's most famous monuments. First stop, the Notre Dame. It was just steps from our apartment so we walked past it almost every day. 

(Dress & Necklace: J. Crew / Bag: Zara / Shoes: & Other Stories / Sunglasses: Kate Spade)

We tucked into La Palette for lunch. The Beef Tartare was the best I have ever had. Of course I couldn't resist a little dessert after, macaroons are on every corner, you are killing my waistline Paris!

The architecture, particularly the doors, in Paris are stunning. Even in the sketchiest areas of the city the doors were still breathtaking. 

The next morning, after a cappuccino and croissant, we visited the Arc de Triomphe. At the end of the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe is an incredible vantage point to take in Paris. 

With the Eiffel Tower so close, we couldn't resist putting together a picnic and getting a better look of the masterpiece from the Champs de Mar. 

(Floral Dress: ASOS)

Dinner. This dinner was one of my favorite meals in Paris, thanks to Le Chateaubriand. According to The Worlds 50 Best, it is currently ranked the 21st Best Restaurant in the World. For a reasonable price tag you can have a true culinary experience. Your only choice is a daily changing tasting menu consisting of about 7 courses. The food not only tastes good but it looks beautiful too. Bon appetit! 

This little bit of deliciousness is their signature dish. It is basically a caramelized egg yolk over meringue and ground almond. I can't even think of words to describe how good it tasted. 

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naturally ginger