Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Saint Germain for Days

With only a few days left in Paris, we spent a beautiful day exploring the Left Bank. Saint Germain des Prés and the Latin Quarter are some of the most idyllic neighborhoods of Paris. Cobblestone streets, alleyways and little nooks and crannies, you can get lost and find yourself here. 

Sidenote...everyone must go to Merci during their stay in Paris. It is a concept shop that sells clothing, accessories, home goods and more. It also has a great coffee shop for breakfast or a break and a quaint restaurant for dinner or lunch.

While visiting the Left Bank, we couldn't help but stop by the Jardin du Luxembourg. If it was not so hot out I could have lounged for hours in the lush grass listening to the children sail boat on the pond. 

We feasted on dinner at Au Passage. Another bar á tapas, this place was packed with people waiting for a table. The food was incredible - unique, flavorful, colorful and fresh to the season. Be sure to make a reservation, they are not hard to come by, but you don't want to get stuck waiting outside!

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